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PLAY ART! Sendai


PLAY ART! Sendai creates new expressions and relationships by combining art activities such as theater and dance with local communities and societies.

Piller of activities


Planning and practicing of art projects

Coordination & Networking

Promotion of business / activities in collaboration / cooperation with various sectors

Human resource development

Providing training programs for coordinators and artists

Research / Recommendation

Research and recommendations on the relationship between art and local communities and societies


Fuyuko Okawara(Co-representative)

Takako Oikawa(Co-representative)


Established for an opportunity adopted by Sendai City Cultural Program in the 2019
Started collaboration with Tricky Hat Productions, a company of Scotland, the United Kingdom
Started theater workshop project, "Shining stage from the age of 50"
2020 Sendai City Cultural Program continued
Started theatrical education project


Shining stage from 50 years old

① Theater workshop
Through the various works of theater, you can express yourself, enjoy sessions with your friends, and savour moments occured on the spot. We meet people’s needs over the age of 50, such as "I want to try new things," "I'm interested in theater and physical expression," and "I want to meet new friends."

② Honō
In collaboration with "Tricky Hat", a company of Scotland, the United Kingdom, we create works for people over the age of 50 in both countries will recapture and express their lives, aging and daily lives.
In 2020, we will collaborate to create video works on online with Tricky Hat for expected performers in the stage performance Honō.

Theatre in Drama

We will work together to think about and practice theater education programs by connecting those who are involved in children's education, and artists engaged in activities utilizing theater and dance, and sharing the issues, knowledge and know-how of both sides.